I know what you’re thinking..”Why shouldn’t I buy my jewelry at Target or Walmart when it is usually less expensive than buying from a homemade artisan”?

I have to admit, when I look at the jewelry in those stores, I see pieces that I like and wouldn’t mind owning.  But then I think about how they are mass produced, usually in a foreign country, by machines, or by people in huge factories that are probably working for obscenely low wages in sub-standard conditions.  Do I really want to support that?

And as if that wasn’t enough to dissuade me, do I really want to wear the same necklace that a thousand other women are wearing?  That doesn’t speak to my personality.  That doesn’t say that I am an individual with my own unique style and tastes.

So I guess the answer to those two questions is no, at least for me.  Even if I didn’t make jewelry myself, my answer would be no.  I would rather that everything I wear, from clothes to jewelry, reflects a little of my uniqueness.

When I create a design in my studio, it comes from my imagination.  No two pieces are alike so I know that the woman who wears it will never see the same piece on another person.  Each piece is painstakingly put together with my own two hands so there isn’t any question about who made it or how much thought and work went into it.

So before you head off to Target to buy that necklace you need for that party or to buy those earrings for your best friend’s birthday, ask yourself this;  Wouldn’t you rather feel special or make your friend feel special by purchasing a handmade one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry?