So you want to create the layered look with your rings, bracelets or necklaces, but you’re not sure where to start?   Well here are a few basic suggestions to get you started.  Try out some of these ideas and you just may look like you’ve been layering for years!

Rings:  You can really do just about anything with rings but here are a few tips.  1) Mix modern with antique rings for an eclectic look.  2) Use several rings that all have a vintage look while using varying shapes (triangle, square etc..).  3) Go with a color theme, choosing 2 colors and a metal (such as blue, green and silver).

Bracelets:  Stacking multiple bracelets is simple.  1) The rule of thumb is, the more bracelets you stack, the thinner they should be.  2) It’s also a good idea to choose bracelets that are roughly the same width.  3) Combining a watch with several bracelets is also a trendy look.

Necklaces:  Layering dainty necklaces usually follows these guidelines: 1) The first few strands should be 1-2 inches apart in length.  2) Complete the look with the longest strand hanging 3-6 inches longer than the last strand.  If you’re into layering thicker chains you can… 1)  Choose chains of different thicknesses. 2) Add a chain with stones or charms on it for interest.  3) And finally, add a dainty choker length necklace to add softness to the group.  If you want to layer statement necklaces…1) Choose no more than two that have the same style or colors in common.  2) Wear this pairing with a simple outfit that will act like a canvas for your necklaces.

See, anyone can do it!   So get out all of your jewelry and start experimenting.  You may even come up with a combination that I haven’t suggested here.  Be original!